- Kidsight Program -

The Corrales Sandoval Lions Club is proud to announce that sufficient money has been raised to buy 2 photo eyesight screening cameras and computers.These cameras can identify several Amblyogenic risk factors that can eventually cause blindness as well as both near and farsightedness in children.The Lion’s Kidsight program is a non-invasive and non-contact evaluation using these cameras. It is the goal of the Corrales Sandoval Lions Club to evaluate 100% of children, ages 3-6, in Corrales and Sandoval County. Other Lions Clubs in the state are working to ensure 100% of New Mexico’s children are evaluated and their eyesight protected.

Finding these risk factors in children ages 3-6 allows early intervention and correction of these problems.Many can lead to eventual blindness or severely degraded eyesight if left undetected.Approximately 60% of New Mexico children have never had their eyes evaluated.It has also been shown that 8-10% of children have eyesight problems that can be detected by this program.If a problem is identified early, it is often correctable.Parents are notified of results when a problem is found and, if necessary, provide funding to correct eye problems when insurance is not available.

This is a free program with expenses paid by the Lions Club. All information is kept confidential and parents are only notified if problems are found.The Kidsight program evaluation is more in depth and will find more issues as compared to simply using an eye chart.

 Some of the issues that can be identified include: Myopia, Hyperopic, Astigmatisim, Amlyogenic, Ambylopia, Strabismus, Cataracts, Anisometropia, Anisocoria, Colobomia and Ptosis.

 The Corrales Sandoval Lions Club will be contacting schools, preschools and day care centers throughout Sandoval County to make this screening available.

 If you would like more information about scheduling a Kidsight screening at your school or daycare center, or if you like to join the Lions Club in this effort to serve the community, please call:

Glenn Young  899-6443


Karl Schaeffer 898-1361