Welcome to the Milestone Lions Club of Corrales and Sandoval County.  In these pages you will have the opportunity to get to know a bit more about us and about Lionism and its history.  Lions work for one thing, service in their communities, whether the community is on their block, their village, their town, their city, their state, their country or their world. 

Sight Cameras Ordered!

We are expecting delivery this week of the first camerea that will allow us to evaluate the eyesight in children of almost any age.  We are targetting ages 3-6 primarily, since many of the problems found can be corrected.  If not corrected at a young age, these problems can eventually lead to blindness.  Many Thanks to all that helped bring this about and all those that helped in fundraising efforts to make this a reality.  Read more about it here.

You will find that Lions are working throughout the world as well as here in Corrales/Sandoval county and  throughout New Mexico.  We are not political, we do not preach, we are here to serve.  Our motto is "WE SERVE".  Learn about us.  Join us, and help us make the community a better place.

The Lions CLub is not political, it does not sponsor or endorse any political party or local, state, or national policy.  The sole purpose is to serve the community..... and have a little fun doing that.

We are updating our merchant pages, but all the current links are active.  Watch for new specials and sales.  Remember that you saw    it at corrales-lionsclub.org.

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Help Us......Serve......

Please support our Eyeglass Refurbishment Project.  You will find collection boxes around the Village for your old eyeglasses.  These are refurbished and/or reground and are provided to individuals that could not otherwise afford the gift of corrected sight.  Many of our recipients live in New Mexico and this is one way to serve our local community.

New Fundraising Program-------- give us your old cellphones.  Your old cellphone is turned into better or saved vision for a child in Sandoval county. You know those cellphones, the ones sitting in a drawer someplace, the ones you've upgraded.  We'll accept any carrier or any manufacturer.  Find our collection boxes throughout Corrales, use the special cellphone collection box or use our eyeglass collection boxes.

Help us help the hearing impaired.  We are now accepting used hearing aids, both custom and BTE types.  They are remanufactured to provide many in our local communities the gift of hearing.  Please use our eyeglass collection boxes.

Visit our merchants page.  These merchants do not endorse the Corrales Lions Club, but provide commissions through purchase made through these links.  All commisions go directly to our programs in the community.  We are a 501(c)(3) tax deductible organization.

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